We caught the tooth fairy in action! May 17, 2016 12:28

Although my nearly 7 year old daughter is starting to think maybe Father Christmas isn't as real as we say he is, strangely enough her belief in the tooth fairy (and fairies in general) remains strong. Her fourth tooth fell out yesterday and she was so excited as she went to bed asking if we could perhaps set up a video camera to capture the tooth fairy going about her work. After she went to bed I found the perfect app on my phone called 'I saw the tooth fairy'. It requires you to take a photo of your sleeping child and then the app adds a video of a tiny green tooth fairy flitting about your child and leaving some sparkling fairy dust as she flies. I didn't think my daughter would believe the video but I took a few screen shots during the video and cropped them to remove the app frame. She was beside herself with excitement when we showed her the next day!!!! And spent the morning before school started showing all her friends in the playground. It was lovely to see all their little faces light up when she showed them. :)