The children really do believe in fairies! February 02, 2015 20:25

I love hearing little funny stories from customers who have bought my fairy doors. One customer had bought a pink fairy door for her daughter but hadn't realised her son would be jealous and want one too. Her daughter wrote a little note to the fairies asking for a fairy door for her brother! And the brother was checking his room every day to see if the fairies had delivered! I had an urgent request from the customer for a blue fairy door otherwise doubt in the fairies magical abilities may have set in.

I also had an email from a customer saying that her daughter was writing daily messages to her fairies as well as singing songs to her door before she went to bed. Below is one of her letters to the fairies: 'Oh fairies, I really need to say it's my sister's birthday on Saturday so I need your help from your fairies magic'. Gorgeous!!