and so the story began... April 02, 2015 11:30

Back in 2009, I was sitting in a costa coffee trying to revive myself after another sleep deprived night and pondering what to do for the rest of the day.  At the time I'd just had my first child Chloe and decided to spend the afternoon decorating and personalising her bedroom (well as much as you can get done with a 2 month old baby!!). I'd always been interested in crafts and design and have painted from a young age, but before becoming a mother I'd never had the opportunity to give it as much time and dedication as I would have liked. I'd seen products on the market that had given me ideas and inspiration, but I'd always rather get my hands dirty and create the look and feel myself. I set about decorating some wooden letters that I had at home, hand painting each letter of Chloe's name with an individual style. I was pretty pleased with the outcome and it still sits proudly on Chloe's door today, however more importantly it got me thinking about the bigger picture and the fact there may be an opportunity to turn my interest into something more substantial. 

I set about ordering some wooden plaques, more letters, some decopatch paper, glue, extra paint, a truck load of coffee, chocolate (obviously) and began experimenting late into the night. Within a few weeks I'd developed a product range of children's plaques. I started selling to friends, in local shops and at craft fayres, before I persuaded my husband to build me a website, and I was off!

6 years on Flitterbee is still going strong; our product range has expanded further into the wonderful world of fairy doors and we're selling on ebay, etsy and amazon, as well as launching a new website. Most importantly I'm still loving every minute of it, and in the few spare moments I get between the needs of two busy kids (which isn't many!) I'm constantly thinking of new products, designs and approaches to all things crafty. It's a long way from the corporate world that I was in 6 years ago and it's an amazing feeling to be doing something that you really enjoy. 

So when you get a moment, pop back and see what I'm up to. I plan to use this blog as a platform for all my craft ideas, influences and inspiration, and hope you'll find something that might spark your imagination.