The tiny world of fairies is massive! May 19, 2015 17:00

Since I began to make and sell fairy doors I've become slightly obsessed with all things fairy related. The world of miniatures is massive!! There's so many fun things to add to your fairy door to bring the whole idea of a fairy world to life, like little picket fences, grass mats with little daisies, little newspapers and bottles of milk to leave outside the door. I have a lot of plans for future products as well as slight changes / additions to the fairy doors. I like the idea of the fairy doors opening and providing a picture of an enchanted forest or of the inside of a pretty castle for the parents to stick behind the door so that the children see the image when they open the door. I think that would be fun!

But the project I'm working on at the moment is of an illustration of a big fairy castle that I will turn into a wall vinyl. The image can be placed behind the fairy door and will become the door of the castle. I'm also painting extra flowers and butterflies that could be stuck on and around the castle. If you're not sure quite what I mean then watch this space as hopefully it won't be long before I launch it. I love vinyls! They're so versatile and can alter the decor of a room without it being permanent.

This is one of my pink sparkly fairy doors.