Making a fairy garden in honour of national fairy day! June 10, 2015 13:53

In honour of one of the most important days of the year, National Fairy Day, I'm going to stop researching ideas for my fairy garden and actually start making it! I'm so excited as I like all things miniature and I know my daughter Chloe will love it too. Fairy Day, which is on 24th June, happens to fall on her 6th birthday so it's an added motivation to get it completed. I'm not sure how the end product will look but I have lots of ideas of what I envisage it to be!

There's a few things it has to have - a little fairy house of course, a cute little fence and a ladder for climbing up and down to the garden. Although fairies can fly, sometimes their wings get tired :) I plan to embellish a bird house for the fairy house (similar to the photo below), and I'd love to include a little washing line with fairy clothes hanging from it (but that will have to be installed after the fairies have moved in of course!). Chloe already firmly believes in fairies but it's going to be so much fun to reaffirm this belief with fairy 'activity' – a bit of sprinkled glitter here and there, a change of clothes on the washing line. I can just imagine her running in to tell me of her findings :)

A little ladder and a fairy swing made from twigs and rope, and a garden fence made from lots of twigs wired together. I really need to start harvesting twigs!!

My two little ones will absolutely love helping with this project, since it will involve lots of painting and glueing, as well as getting mucky with mud when planting the flowers for the garden.

Now, the only problem is finding the time to make the fairy garden! Hmmm, I guess sometime in between organising a 6th birthday party, baking a birthday cake, wrapping presents, and completing Flitterbee orders for fairy doors and door plaques. Better get cracking!