Leaving letters for your fairy August 20, 2015 12:54

What do you do when you have a fairy move into your fairy garden? Write them letters of course! My daughter delights in writing little notes (usually requesting something from the fairy!) and rolling them up into a tiny scroll to fit in a miniature glass jar. Her first letter requested fairy dust so that she would be able to fly. She quite sensibly said to me afterwards that she'll need quite a lot of fairy dust before she can fly since she's a lot bigger than the fairies. Love the applied logic! :). Our fairy delivered the requested dust and also a tiny letter and I can't explain how excited she was when she found it all. I think the next street heard her shriek 'muuuummmmmmmmy!!!!!!' She's since written another note, this time requesting a special jewel. I'm hoping the requests don't escalate!

j''Please may I have lots of dust because I want to fly, love chloe''


The letter in the glass vial that we left in our fairy garden