Elf on the shelf October 28, 2016 12:12

The Elf on the Shelf is an American Christmas tradition, which I only came across myself last year but it's definitely catching on over here. And since I love everything that is Christmas it's already a firm tradition in our house :). The concept is that a special elf is sent from the North Pole on 1st December to help Father Christmas manage his naughty and nice lists. The elf can fly back to the North Pole each night to tell Father Christmas about all of the day's adventures in his new 'adopted' family. Each morning, the elf then returns to his family and the children wake up to find him in a different location in their house. This is the type of Elf on the Shelf you can purchase on the internet.

I wanted an elf with a different look to those you can find online and also one that was a bit more manoevourable, so set about making my own. Our elf duly introduced himself (with a note on a scroll) as Dobby Snowland on December 1st.

Dobby perhaps set his mischievous standards a little high from the off and instead of just moving from one shelf to another, he would get up to complex and time consuming antics. Maybe this year Dobby will start off a little slower in his mischief making. I lost count of the times my husband and I would get to the end of the night and remember that we hadn't set up Dobby's antics ready to be discovered the next morning.

Despite the additional responsibilites that our cheeky elf on the shelf brought with him he was definitely much loved and although it's only October my children are already talking about Dobby and wondering whether they'll be lucky enough to have him visit again this year.

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