Making your own Elf on the shelf October 28, 2016 12:13

I've set out a few steps to help you make your own Elf on the Shelf so that you can put your own twist on the traditional elf. Our Elf (Dobby Snowland) has jewellery wire within both arms and legs and so is much more manoevarble than most that you can buy.

If you want to make a similar elf then you will need:

Red, white and green felt

Green beads

Silver beads for the shoe 'bells'

Thickish jewellery wire

A large wooden bead

A small wooden toy wheel


Craft glue

Needle and thread and a small amount of paint for your elf's face

I obtained all of these items from my local craft shop.

1. Thread some jewellery wire through the hole in the large bead and create a knot at the top (which will be hidden by the elf's hat). Allow a length of wire of about 10 cms for the length of the body to enable the wires from the legs to join to the body wire.

2. Cut out a 'leafy' shaped collar out of the green felt and thread it underneath the large bead. Then thread the small wooden wheel underneath the green collar to give stability. Add a green bead to the tip of each leaf on the collar for extra detail.

3. Create a rectangular shaped 'pillow', approximately 10cms by 9cms. Sew inside out (leaving gaps for the arms and legs to be inserted) and turn back through. Stuff with wadding.

4. From the central wite within the elf's tummy attach two separate pieces of wire forking out through the gaps left in the tummy for the legs.

5. To create the elf's stripey legs, cut a rectangular piece from the red felt of approximately 11cms by 5cms. Cut strips of white felt approximately 0.5cms by 5cms and glue to the red felt as shown in the photo. Add a layer of wadding the same size as the felt rectangles.

Create two separate cylinders by wrapping the felt and wadding around the legs wires. Fold the edges and stitch in place as shown in the photo.

Insert the top of the leg into the gap of the tummy section and stitch in place to secure.


6. For the elf's hat cut a circle with an 8cm diameter. Cut a wedge out of the circle and fold to create a cone shape and stitch to maintain this shape. Measure out a length of white felt that will fit along the bottom edge of the hat and which is 1cm thick. Fold in half horizontally so that the red felt of the hat is sandwiched between the white felt and sew in place. Glue the hat to the elf's head.

 7. For the elf's shoes cut out shapes as below from green felt. Join all the shapes together with the oval shape as the base of the shoe and pad out with wadding and attach to the base of the elf's leg (exactly where you'd expect to find his shoe ;). Add a silver bead as the bell of the shoe.

8. For the elf's arms, cut two pieces of red felt approximately 20cms by 2cms. Fold in half to create a length of 10cms. Insert a 10cm length of wire for each arm. Fold the end of the wire so there's not a sharp end. Fold the side edges of the felt and sew in place. insert the arm into the gaps in the elf's tummy. Sew a 0.5 cm width of white felt around the arm approximately 1cm up from the tip to give the effect of mittens.

9. For the belt cut a 20cm long piece of black felt that is 0.5cm wide. Glue in place around the elf's tummy. Glue a brown felt buckle as per the photo below.

10. Paint a smiley elf face :)