Fairy immigration control September 12, 2015 11:25

I recently came across an article in the bbc news about a woods in Somerset that has had a sudden influx of fairies. Local children have installed these  fairy doors at the base of trees so that they can leave notes and gifts to the fairies. 'How lovely' I thought! I've seen first hand, through my 6 year old daughter, Chloe, the inspiration for creative play and enthusiasm a little belief in fairy magic can bring. Unfortunately the manager of the woods doesn't share the enthusiasm and is insisting on implementing control for this fairy immigration! Can you imagine how sad these children would be when they go to the woods to see if a letter has been left for them, only to find their fairy door has been ripped away! Not to mention that some of these doors are very skillfully made and look amazing!! I agree some are slightly more garish and don't quite fit in with the aesthetics of the woods but these will gradually fade as they weather in the environment of the woods.

Luckily Flitterbee has rehoused quite a few of these evicted fairies with each fairy door that is sent out to a little girl or boy. We will continue our good work helping the homeless fairies :)