Fairy immigration control September 12, 2015 11:25

I recently came across an article in the bbc news about a woods in Somerset that has had a sudden influx of fairies. Local children have installed these  fairy doors at the base of trees so that they can leave notes and gifts to the fairies. 'How lovely' I thought! I've seen first hand, through my 6 year old daughter, Chloe, the inspiration for creative play and enthusiasm a little belief in fairy magic can bring. Unfortunately the manager of the woods doesn't share the enthusiasm and is insisting on implementing control for this fairy immigration! Can you imagine how sad these children would be when they go to the woods to see if a letter has been left for them, only to find their fairy door has been ripped away! Not to mention that some of these doors are very skillfully made and look amazing!! I agree some are slightly more garish and don't quite fit in with the aesthetics of the woods but these will gradually fade as they weather in the environment of the woods.

Luckily Flitterbee has rehoused quite a few of these evicted fairies with each fairy door that is sent out to a little girl or boy. We will continue our good work helping the homeless fairies :)

My fairy garden is finished! Happy fairy day! June 24, 2015 13:52 1 Comment

Happy Fairy Day everyone! I've taken a short break from the celebrations to write this post and show you some photos of our finished fairy garden. My children and I have been working hard planting and crafting to make the garden lovely in the hope that some fairies might come and stay. It was a lovely surprise for my daughter this morning when she noticed that our efforts had been rewarded. A fairy had indeed moved in; the evidence being some fairy dust sprinklings and an erected washing line on which hung some freshly washed fairy clothes. Horaah!!

Chloe painted stones to make toadstools. Louis collected twigs in order to construct our fairy swing and the fairy ladder. This was fairy swing version 2.0. Version 1.0 was constructed using garden twine and the end product looked like a pile of twigs and twine. Hot glue guns are the way forward and it was 100 times less fiddly! Our garden fence is made from mini craft sticks and fine wire and finally a miniature garden pond which is simply a small metal lid which I lined with foil and added a few blue glass nuggets.

We went to our local garden centre to chose some alpine plants, a nemesia (because it was cute) and a little birdhouse. The alpine lime green moss was a great find as it looks like little areas of grass. After planting these all we laid out our stone pathway and then placed in all our crafted handiwork.



I definitely recommend making a fairy garden for yourselves. It's been a lot of fun!



The tiny world of fairies is massive! May 19, 2015 17:00

Since I began to make and sell fairy doors I've become slightly obsessed with all things fairy related. The world of miniatures is massive!! There's so many fun things to add to your fairy door to bring the whole idea of a fairy world to life, like little picket fences, grass mats with little daisies, little newspapers and bottles of milk to leave outside the door. Read more...

and so the story began... April 2, 2015 11:30

Back in 2009, I was sitting in a costa coffee trying to revive myself after another sleep deprived night and pondering what to do for the rest of the day.  At the time I'd just had my first child Chloe and decided to spend the afternoon decorating and personalising her bedroom (well as much as you can get done with a 2 month old baby!!). I'd always been interested in crafts and design and have painted from a young age, but before becoming a mother I'd never had the opportunity to give it as much time and dedication as I would have liked. I'd seen products on the market that had given me ideas and inspiration, but I'd always rather get my hands dirty and create the look and feel myself. I set about decorating some wooden letters that I had at home, hand painting each letter of Chloe's name with an individual style. Read more...

The children really do believe in fairies! February 2, 2015 20:25

I love hearing little funny stories from customers who have bought my fairy doors. One customer had bought a pink fairy door for her daughter but hadn't realised her son would be jealous and want one too. Her daughter wrote a little note to the fairies asking for a fairy door for her brother! And the brother was checking his room every day to see if the fairies had delivered! I had an urgent request from the customer for a blue fairy door otherwise doubt in the fairies magical abilities may have set in. Read more...

I need to be prepared for next Christmas! January 6, 2015 00:00

I was completely and utterly unprepared for the sheer volume of orders I received at Christmas. Read more...