Leaving letters for your fairy August 20, 2015 12:54

What do you do when you have a fairy move into your fairy garden? Write them letters of course! My daughter delights in writing little notes (usually requesting something from the fairy!) and rolling them up into a tiny scroll to fit in a miniature glass jar. Her first letter requested fairy dust so that she would be able to fly. She quite sensibly said to me afterwards that she'll need quite a lot of fairy dust before she can fly since she's a lot bigger than the fairies. Love the applied logic! :). Our fairy delivered the requested dust and also a tiny letter and I can't explain how excited she was when she found it all. I think the next street heard her shriek 'muuuummmmmmmmy!!!!!!' She's since written another note, this time requesting a special jewel. I'm hoping the requests don't escalate!

j''Please may I have lots of dust because I want to fly, love chloe''


The letter in the glass vial that we left in our fairy garden

My fairy garden is finished! Happy fairy day! June 24, 2015 13:52 1 Comment

Happy Fairy Day everyone! I've taken a short break from the celebrations to write this post and show you some photos of our finished fairy garden. My children and I have been working hard planting and crafting to make the garden lovely in the hope that some fairies might come and stay. It was a lovely surprise for my daughter this morning when she noticed that our efforts had been rewarded. A fairy had indeed moved in; the evidence being some fairy dust sprinklings and an erected washing line on which hung some freshly washed fairy clothes. Horaah!!

Chloe painted stones to make toadstools. Louis collected twigs in order to construct our fairy swing and the fairy ladder. This was fairy swing version 2.0. Version 1.0 was constructed using garden twine and the end product looked like a pile of twigs and twine. Hot glue guns are the way forward and it was 100 times less fiddly! Our garden fence is made from mini craft sticks and fine wire and finally a miniature garden pond which is simply a small metal lid which I lined with foil and added a few blue glass nuggets.

We went to our local garden centre to chose some alpine plants, a nemesia (because it was cute) and a little birdhouse. The alpine lime green moss was a great find as it looks like little areas of grass. After planting these all we laid out our stone pathway and then placed in all our crafted handiwork.



I definitely recommend making a fairy garden for yourselves. It's been a lot of fun!