Creating fridge magnets - hand sewing project ideas September 14, 2015 18:15

It's very simple to create felt fridge magnets - all you need is various colours of felt, thread, padding and some strong magnets (I recommend neodymium magnets) and a love of hand sewing of course! The magnets are crazy strong and so are great for pinning up the mountains of paperwork I get from school and preschool and help towards keeping me half organised.

I started off creating some little people for our fridge to mirror our family members.

First of all you need to cut out the shapes in felt and then add the detail of the faces with sequins and beads before sewing it together with wadding inbetween and a magnet. It looks like Chloe and I are the most important people in our household as two years later I still haven't made a Daddy and a Louis! I got side tracked by another project of making a 'weather and day' felt magnet set and fridge magnet vegetables. I'm very rock and roll ;)

This day and weather magnet set was inspired by getting my children to be more aware of the days of the week, and learning about the weather seems to be a big thing in preschool. They enjoyed doing it themselves in the mornings.

These felt vegetables add the cute factor to my fridge :)

On my Flitterbee website I now sell peg fridge magnets which have a shabby chic feel and come in a floral design in a bird shape or heart shape.