Kids 'make your own' button canvas craft kit - blue


Unique craft products can really inspire children to get creative; especially when they know the end result can be displayed proudly for all to admire. With that in mind I designed this button craft kit which provides all the ingredients for a child to make their very own personalised button canvas picture.

The canvas comes with a pre-painted large blue initial - the first initial of the child's name. This provides the template of where to paint on the PVA glue and lay the buttons.

Due to the simple nature of the craft it's definitely an activity a child can do with only a small amount of help required from an adult. And perfect for developing fine motor skills through the picking up and placing of the buttons. Not suitable for under 3 due to small parts and the choking risk. Adult supervision is required.

Small plywood letters of the child's name are included in the kit which can be decorated however they like! Painted, covered with buttons, or coloured in with felt tip pens - let them decide!

Not only will this kit provide a lovely activity on a rainy afternoon, but the end result will be a gorgeous bedroom wall decoration that they can be really proud of.

Each kit contains:

Square canvas frame (25 x 25cm)

150g assorted blue buttons

Plywood letters spelling out the child's name

Two plywood stars for additional decoration

Please note that PVA glue is not included but is widely available. 



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